Meeting the challenges of tomorrow’s energy producers

Green energy, including wind turbines, is growing and must be supported throughout its life cycle.

Sixense is in a position to support you every step of the way throughout your wind energy projects, which includes:

  • Promoting the acceptability of your projects
  • Controlling technical and financial risks
  • Facilitating construction
  • Optimizing production
  • Managing incidents
  • Anticipating the renewal of your fleets


Controlling the soil, structure, and environmental risks of your wind farm projects

As developers or operators of wind farms, we advise and support you throughout the life cycle of your farms to optimize and secure your financing.

We work on your Greenfield, Repowering, and Extension projects and during the operation of your farms to provide expert solutions to your most complex problems, whether they are structural, related to materials, soils, or the environment.

From the development of your project and during the construction phase, our specialists are at your service with their expertise in acoustic studies, soil studies, structural studies, and optimization of the existing system.

During the operation and maintenance phase of your parks, we support you in optimizing your production.

To ensure the long-term future of your fleet, we offer solutions for corrosion prevention and concrete preservation, inspection, and incident diagnosis.

Our monitoring experts can also provide one-off or continuous monitoring of your infrastructure and its environment.