Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) uses permanently installed sensors to gather continuous data. Sixense software enables data display via smart graphics and generates alerts. It is used in conjunction with periodic inspections to enable relevant structural data analysis.

The aim of SHM is to maintain infrastructures, extend their service  life, detect faults, and forecast defects.

We monitor the structure and its environment (traffic, weather, etc.) simultaneously by integrating a varied range of measurements, with most data being gathered automatically, including satellite measurements.

The data is processed to provide relevant indicators that operators can reliably use to optimize the operation and maintenance of their structures.

Our experience allows us to conduct Structural Health Monitoring under challenging conditions (in confined spaces, working at height, etc.) by offering durable instrumentation for a broad range of applications, including extreme environments.

Monitoring of cable-stayed and prestressed structures

Sixense has specialist expertise, tools and methods that have been specifically developed for cable-stayed and prestressed concrete structures:

  • Substantial knowledge of the issues around structural aging
  • Robust and proven measurement solutions
  • Acquisition and visualization software incorporating alerts, indicators and analyses
  • Acoustic monitoring for real-time detection of cable strand failures resulting from corrosion or fatigue

These solutions provide key management information for operators of simple or complex structures.

Why you should use our services:

  • A team of civil engineering and monitoring experts available throughout the full project life cycle
    The members of our team are specialists in Civil Engineering, Metrology, Electronics and Computer Science.
    This broad skill set gives us a clear understanding of client needs on which to develop and recommend appropriate solutions
  • Our resources
    We can provide a complete turnkey project, from design to operation, including manufacturing, installation, software configuration and commissioning.