We make the subsoil beneath your projects visible using Sixense Northern America’s 3D imaging solutions to help you control the associated risks.

Our investigations provide you with a global overview of your soils to ensure the secure progress of your projects.

We excel in the processes of conventional geophysical expertise and use our own patented methods to provide you with solutions that are always tailored to your specific needs.

Market Segments

With more than 25 years of experience in geophysics, we apply our high-value techniques to the following market segments:

  • Transport infrastructures:
    Roads and rail – Metros and tunnels – Waterways – Ports and airports
  • Heritage, Cities, and Regions:
    Buildings and structures – Foundations and excavations – Urban development – Natural hazards
  • Energy and Industry:
    Dams and water management – Oil and gas – Electricity (nuclear, wind, and transmission grids) – Mining and quarrying – Industries and processes

Experts in Geophysics for Civil Engineering Applications

A highly responsive team that combines specialist expertise and knowledge
We help you find the best technical solution for your needs so that you can address the problems you have and optimize the overall budget of your project.
The Sixense Northern America team of highly experienced engineers and operators contributes our skills throughout the operation, giving you total peace of mind and helping you analyze and apply your results.
We have a continuous investment program and own an extensive fleet of equipment to minimize our response times and ensure total control of the services we provide.

Our specialists are fully involved in the development of best practices 
We are active contributors to standards development, with the ultimate aim of ensuring the highest levels of quality and professionalism in our provision of applied geophysics services.
Our experts are also members of the relevant professional bodies (AGAP, CFMS and AFTES GT24 in France, EAGE in Europe and AGU/SEG in the USA).

We are inventing tomorrow’s geophysics 
With close and permanent links to the academic world, our strategic partners, and the specialist skills of our parent group, our R&D team is working today on inventing the solutions of tomorrow.

Find out more about our two patented methods Cyljet and Sissterra.