Here are a few words from Pascal Berger, Sixense's CEO, discussing our CSR Commitments:

We wanted to make our CSR project a true enterprise-wide initiative. Therefore, from the beginning, our CSR approach has been anchored in the daily activities of our employees.


Several reasons led us to launch this project:

  • Social responsibility is a major concern for current and future employees, who are increasingly sensitive to social and environmental issues.
  • There is a direct link between the mission of our company and social and environmental issues: we provide solutions for new types of mobility, infrastructure sustainability, and its users’ safety, and for the adaptation to climate change.
  • The expectations of our customers, partners, and stakeholders, who want to know about Sixense’s CSR commitments and actions in the context of our activities.


CSR at Sixense: A Collaborative Initiative

It all began with a task force initiated in 2022, aiming to ensure that our CSR commitments resonate with the realities of our field operations. Adopting an inclusive and representative approach, our working groups and the collaboration among various stakeholders – including employees, management, and our holding – have been instrumental in crafting a robust CSR strategy and an actionable plan accessible to all our business units. To execute this plan effectively, we’ve delineated a suite of organizational and human resources tools for each of our CSR pledges.

Discover the essence of our CSR journey through this video, showcasing the proactive measures taken by Sixense.

CSR at Sixense is more than a mere project; it’s an integral part of our company culture, embedded in our daily operations and missions.

Turning every day into a chance to act.

What Defines Sixense's CSR Approach?

Structured around three pillars, our CSR policy revolves around 15 core commitments.

  • Economy & Governance:

We are committed to working every day with our customers, partners, suppliers, subcontractors, and stakeholders to design and implement solutions for the preservation of territories, sustainability of infrastructure, and safety of people.

  • Social, Human, Societal:

We are committed to putting people at the heart of what we do by ensuring the safety, health, and wellbeing of each of our employees. We want to offer them an environment that is conducive to their personal and professional development, an environment in which everyone can express their civic engagement.

  • Environment:

We are steadfast in integrating environmental considerations at every level and stage of our processes. Our commitment includes reducing our carbon footprint and energy consumption, adopting environmentally responsible procurement practices, and championing the circular economy to optimize resource usage, minimize waste, and digital impact.


Find out more about our 15 CSR commitments:

Economy & Governance:

1) Preserving heritage and ensuring safety for all

2) Cultivating trustworthy relationships with customers and partners

3) Building lasting relationships with stakeholders

Social, Human, Societal:

4) Ensuring the safety of all our employees in the workplace

5) Ensuring the health and well-being of all our employees at work

6) Ensuring equality and improving gender representation

7) Developing sustainable career paths for all our employees

8) Tackling all forms of discrimination and promoting inclusion

9) Encouraging civic engagement of our employees


10) Putting the environment at the center of everything we do, at all levels of our company

11) Reducing our energy consumption

12) Implementing environmentally responsible procurement policies for our equipment and services

13) Minimizing carbon footprint from business travel and commuting

14) Developing the circular economy and ensuring proper waste management

15) Reducing our digital footprint

Discover our CSR brochure: