Since projects are created as a team and shared as a team, the data and digital models we acquire and construct are made available to your in the form of viewers or via our visualization platform.

Visualization Solutions


3D model, photos, and point cloud. Our viewers display multiple data types and functionalities, including measurement, annotation, and export.


viewer caiman

Virtual tour
Ensuring safety and cost-effectiveness by working directly in the digital model, rather than in a real situation.

Sixense Key Strengths

  • The ability to process LiDAR, photo, video, and scanner data
    There are many sources of 3D information, and our visualization solutions manage every data type to ensure that your teams have a single resource for viewing all the projects we carry out on your behalf.
  • The development of business functionalities that align accurately with your needs
    We enter long-term relationships, allowing our teams to engage in ongoing development projects and providing you with the most efficient and effective solutions.