Employee Spotlight: Reigna Johnson

Administrative Professionals Day is the perfect opportunity to shine a spotlight on Sixense’s Office Manager: Reigna Johnson, MBA. 🌟

As one of our most valuable employees, she works in our Bothell office handling administrative duties for all our USA offices. She’s definitely the glue that holds our team together, and we’re very happy to feature her as this month’s Employee Spotlight.

Over the past year, she has also taken on the role of the Environmental Lead for our organization, making her responsible for tracking our current CO2 emissions and developing strategies to reduce our environmental impact for greater sustainability.


Reigna Johnson Employee Spotlight Social Media Post for Sixense Northern America


Fun Facts about Reigna Johnson

  1. In her free time, she plays volleyball 3-4 times a week and volunteers for different children’s organizations around the Puget Sound area. She loves the community and has a passion for children in need.
  2. One of her favorite pieces of advice is “The journey is the reward.” This is about staying present and being grateful for the now rather than focusing on the destinations and outcomes in life – the process and experiences in between are what matter most.
  3. Her favorite food, which she can’t resist, is seafood.
  4. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a movie she could watch every day for the rest of her life and still feel significant inspiration and hope from it.
  5. One of her biggest accomplishments that she is really proud of is receiving a full-ride volleyball scholarship for her undergraduate degree.


Thank you, Reigna Johnson for everything you do to support Sixense’s operations. Your commitment to excellence is reflected in the high quality of your work, and it has a significant impact on our overall success.

We couldn’t do it without you, and your attention to detail. We hope you feel appreciated and valued for all that you do. 


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