Resallience: One Unique Tool to Assess the Vulnerability of Assets

Our design offices specialized in climate resilience, Resallience, assisted the Deposit Fund Caisse des Dépôts (CDC) Habitat with its adaptation strategy to climate change. They joined forces with our engineering experts on existing structures to develop the first DPR platform (Climate Resilience Performance Diagnosis).

It is a decision support system composed of, on one hand, a hypervisor, powered by a geographical information system, and on the other hand, an analytical spreadsheet. The DPR allows you to assess the criticality level of historical structures to climate risks. It also analyzes the technical and financial risks of these contingencies on the components, the subsystems, and the systems of the groups of buildings. The DPR applies to all the property assets of CDC Habitat, close to 500,000 houses, and will allow clients to create plans of investments to restore history, adapt the design of the new constructions, and better adapt to climate change on the horizon of 2050.

This project comes within the scope of a partnership between CDC Habitat, the FFA Insurance (French Federation of Insurances, and the association of natural risks mission – MNR) created in 2000 by insurers in order to contribute to a better knowledge of natural risks.


Discover the article from CDC Habitat for more information.