Sixense Canada Sponsors Firehawk’s Robotics Competition

Proud moment alert! Sixense Canada is stepping into the world of champions by sponsoring the incredible Loyola FireHawks for their very first Robotics Competition.


What are the Firehawks?

The St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Secondary School team is providing ambitious students with the opportunity to design and develop robots for multi-course competitions in Oakville, Ontario.

The goal of this organization is to create a positive learning environment for the next generation to help them build skills that ensure success. The rookie team also strives to create a diverse group of students with different backgrounds and skills for a unique learning experience.


Sixense Canada Sponsors Robotics Competition


As a company that is deeply committed to fostering innovation and striving for excellence in all our endeavors, Sixense is truly honored to have the opportunity to support and collaborate with such a dynamic and exceptionally talented group of young individuals.

Their unwavering dedication and enthusiasm for the fields of science, technology, and engineering resonate deeply with our organizational values and long-term vision. We firmly believe that these fields are not only crucial for addressing the challenges of today but also for shaping a brighter and more promising future for generations to come.


Congratulations, Firehawks!

Sixense is excited to share the news that the Firehawks robotics team achieved an impressive milestone by making it to the semi-finals in their debut competition. Not only did they advance to the semi-finals, but they also clinched the prestigious Industrial Design Award, showcasing their exceptional innovation and creativity.

We can’t wait to follow their exciting journey & see what else they accomplish while Sixense Canada sponsors them – let’s go Firehawks!

Are you interested in learning more about this organization or sponsoring future robotics competitions for the Loyola FireHawks? Visit their website here.