Shrinking the ecological footprint of construction sites is a central concern for many local councilors and contracting authorities.

Sixense helps contractors and project owners optimize their scheduling, methods, and on-site working practices, and design the implementation of suitable solutions that ensure full compliance with contractual, planning, and budgetary commitments.

We use innovative technologies to transform restrictive monitoring obligations into high-added-value opportunities for operational optimization and management.


Fully Controlled Construction Sites


Sixense acoustic consultants provide you with all the support you need to ensure the security of your investments and projects:

  • Pre-project:
    We take care of the acoustic and vibration aspects of your environmental impact studies to ensure that your projects comply fully with all regulations and administrative requirements.
  • Design:
    We identify the best solutions to ensure full alignment between program, budget, regulatory constraints, and contractual commitments. The advice given by our team helps you to optimize your methods, at the same time as maximizing your operational performance and communicating effectively with third parties.
  • Construction:
    We work with you to identify the critical phases of your work schedule, proactively assess your impacts, and prepare your noise studies. We optimize measures to reduce your acoustic footprint, and develop monitoring and reporting strategies that maximize your productivity, at the same time as protecting local residents and worksite personnel.


We believe monitoring should be much more than a contractual requirement, so we help you implement solutions that transform your monitoring data into valuable information that will benefit your project.

Solution Advantages

Our solutions are effective decision-support tools that:

  • Maximize the productivity of your consturction sites and working hours
  • Provide prompt and factual responses to complaints
  • Ensure your contractual and regulatory compliance to avoid worksite stoppages


Sixense's Specialized Services for Construction Sites

  • Highly skilled in consulting and monitoring, which makes us unique in the market.
  • From project design to delivery, our integrated services help you manage your noise and vibratory impacts professionally and accurately.
  • We work in partnership with our clients, adapting our services to the changing needs of your project.
  • Our broad range of equipment means we can always provide the availability and responsiveness essential to the smooth running of your project construction sites.