An digital inspection solution tailored to your needs: 

  • Ensure your assets are safe for use by monitoring their condition and planning predictive maintenance work
  • Verify the safety of work where access is difficult
  • Optimize inspection costs by adjusting the level of data accuracy


On-Site Design and Data Acquisition

  • Definition of the data acquisition accuracy level to match the required level of detection detail
  • Choice of the best sensor and vector combination for the circumstances (level of resolution required, type of structure, environment, etc.)
  • System integration
  • Management of official formalities and authorization requests
  • On-site working and data acquisition
relevé par drone
Drone survey
Inpectoin détaillée béton fibré

Data Processing and Analysis

  • Checking and correction of raw images
  • Production of analytical media (high-resolution orthoimages or panoramas)
  • AI detection of faults and problems in the images
  • Defect mapping and highlighting

Viewing and Sharing

Digital Inspection deliverables are available via your private account on the beMap website:

  • Orthoimages displayed at full resolution
  • Image comparison tools
  • Tools for superimposing faults on images
inspection digitalisée - orthoimage