We have a design office specialized in the analysis, calculation, and appraisal of all types of structures (civil engineering, equipment, etc.).

Its missions are made up of various types of services: design of new structures (feasibility, summary pre-project, detailed pre-project, and execution), structural analysis of existing constructions under severe stress, incident appraisal, design of reinforcement and repair solutions, as well as project management assistance.

Our Expertise in Advanced Studies

Studies and consulting concerning earthquakes:

  • In a nuclear environment
  • Special risks
  • Normal risks


  • Modeling of vibrational dynamic behavior
  • Design studies of vibration and slow strain-sensitive structures


  • Project management assistance for the design of pyrotechnic infrastructures
  • Studies of blast-proof doors
  • Design and optimization against blast load
  • Review of internal explosion risks
  • Appraisal – External blast risks
  • Design – Blast loading and projectile impact
  • Structural studies under blast
Etude de la modification de la tête de pompe de reprise de purge ACO de Gravelines 5 Tenue aux charges de pression, thermique, sismique de tous les éléments mécaniques et ancrages

Fire resistance:
• Thermal studies of underground structures

  • Study of structural stability under fire
  • Prediction of the leakage tightness capacity and structural failure

Impact load drop:
• Drop load diagnosis and retrofitting design

  • Design of anti-projectile systems

Forensic engineering:
• Expertise of damage


  • Detailed pre-project studies
  • Project management (preliminary outline, project design, tender documents)
  • Design studies
  • Design – Blast loadings
  • Earthquake design

Design review:

  • Validation by design review

Innovative solutions:

  • Advice on the design and certification of new technologies/products
  • Numerical modeling, calculations, and design to obtain CSTB certification
  • Support to obtain CSTB certification