The 4DSkin solution enables non-contact deformation measurements to be made over large areas of up to several kilometers at high frequency (typically every 2 minutes) and a very high level of accuracy (typically 0.2 mm).



4DSkin: Contactless Deformation Measurement

4DSkin provides simultaneous remote measurement of thousands of data points over large areas without the need to access the area under observation. Measurement accuracy ranges from 0.1 mm to a few mm for data points up to 3-4 km distant, regardless of weather conditions.

4DSkin generates displacement maps of all pixels in the area and time-based graphs tracing the evolution of each pixel.

4DSkin is based on the use of interferometric synthetic aperture radar technology.


4DSkin's Applications

Millimetric monitoring of rock instabilities (excluding vegetation) over significant areas and of large critical structures:

  • Landslips
  • Hills and Cliffs
  • Open-cast mines
  • Dams

Typical Display of Results Via the Geoscope Online Platform:

résultats 4DSkin sur Geoscope par SIXENSE

The 4DSkin Solution Provides:

  • Remote monitoring of large areas (at high frequency where necessary)
  • Reliable, consistent measurements: this system is immune to weather conditions
  • Fast installation and configuration: a 100% operational system in a few hours
  • Accuracy of between 0.1 mm and a few mm over distances of up to 3-4 km

Download the 4DSkin Solution Datasheet