Our revolutionary global structural monitoring solution, Build’Health, gives users the power to:

– Monitor the structural health of your building throughout its entire life cycle

– Quickly estimate the level of damage sustained by buildings after an event or incident (construction works, accident, earthquake)

– Optimize risk management during urban works

Monitoring Building's Structural Health

  • The technology is based on worldwide expert research in building damage.
  • Build’Health uses a global indicator of structural health: the dynamic signature.
  • Similar to a medical examination, Build’Health takes the pulse of your structure and immediately detects any structural degradation.

Our Solution: Build'Health

  • Build’Health can be applied manually and occasionally, for example, once a year.
  • For sensitive structures, Build’Health can operate in automatic and continuous mode, transmitting alarms in case of degradation.
  • Each building’s Build’Health measurement process takes less than an hour. The comparison of successive measurements permits the detection of any damage.
  • In geographical areas of seismic activity, we can configure Build’Health in real-time/autonomous mode with a local display. After a tremor occurs, Build’Health immediately defines the level of building degradation and either authorizes or prohibits its ongoing use.

The Benefits

  • Simple, global, non-destructive, and non-intrusive method.
  • Reliable mathematical indicator, providing the global health status of the structure, independently from visual analysis.
  • Establishes strategic information for the management of a property portfolio, building insurance, or real estate investment.
  • Helps to analyze the conditions of safe access to buildings after an accident, fire, or earthquake.
  • Helps with preventive measures and the analysis of the impact of works.


  • Monitoring of a property portfolio by periodic measurements as part of an asset management strategy.
  • Monitoring of aging or damage of sensitive structures, periodic or continuous measurements.
  • Structural integrity check before/after an event (for example, passage of a convoy or works nearby).

Specific applications in geographical areas of seismic activity:

  • High visibility (beacon) and digital warning signals to authorize or prohibit the return to a structure after a seismic event.
  • Continuous monitoring.
  • An autonomous system capable of operating offline (Telephone, 4G, etc.) and without a power supply (12-hour battery life).
  • Display of accessibility in real-time and 10 minutes after any detected tremor.


Download the Build'Health solution datasheet