The power of the EverSense® solution lies in its ability to integrate and process any type of automated measurement to provide relevant indicators and dashboards to a range of stakeholders.

Our systems are deployed worldwide to inspect and monitor structures such as bridges, offshore platforms, wind turbines and nuclear facilities.


EverSense®: monitoring and analysis

A unique expertise in the instrumentation of stay-cabled and prestressed concrete structures

We offer turnkey systems backed up by multi-year maintenance contracts. Hardware durability and installation  management have always been a core commitment at Sixense.

Systems that have been installed for more than 10 years show an operating rate more than 99%.

The competence of our teams gives us the ability to recommend solutions tailored to solving specific problems:

  • Corrosion and detection monitoring of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures
  • Crack monitoring
  • Fatigue risk monitoring
  • Early-stage detection of scouring
  • Risk of gantry structure collapse

EverSense® software

The members of our team are specialists in Civil Engineering, Metrology, Electronics and Computer Science.

This broad skill set gives us a clear understanding of client needs on which to develop and recommend appropriate software solutions.

EverSense® software is comprised of a series of modules, ranging from real-time data acquisition and alert management to data exploitation via a web server.

Sensors designed to meet your needs

Sixense offers a comprehensive range of structural, environmental and other measurement sensors to monitor:

  • Cable-stayed and prestressed structures
  • Structures at risk of corrosion
  • Structures at risk of scouring
  • Structures at risk of fatigue aging

As part of providing a comprehensive, efficient and effective monitoring service, we combine many different technologies, including: electrical, electromagnetic, fiber optic, vibrating wire strain gauge, acoustic and ultrasonic sensors, radar and laser measurement solutions, fully equipped surveying solutions and InSAR satellite measurement.

Robust and versatile acquisition systems

For even faster and more cost-effective installation, Sixense offers a range of battery and solar powered wireless systems that use radio frequencies and cellular for data transmission.

Sixense also offers heavy-duty systems with the ability to capture data from hundreds of sensors and deliver a long-term operating rate above 99%.

Our services

  • Deployment: hardware and software supply and installation, with skills transfer based technical support
  • Support: multi-year maintenance and measurement interpretation
  • Training provided in the use, maintenance and processing of data, as well as ongoing structure management

Our solutions

High-end SHM monitoring and analysis

The combination of our civil engineering expertise, multi-sensor integration capability, robust and versatile data acquisition systems, and analysis accuracy delivered by our software allows Sixense to offer an SHM solution that adds a high level of value.

Acoustic monitoring

Acoustic monitoring is the only technology available with the ability to detect cable strand failures because of corrosion or fatigue.

Any loss of section resulting from a failed strand can be detected and located.

Fiber optic sensors

Sixense recommends the use of fiber optic sensors in harsh environments and for detecting hidden defects, such as the micro-cracks caused by local prestressing losses.

Fatigue monitoring

The ability to monitor metal components for fatigue makes it feasible to provide continual trend monitoring of the residual safety coefficient and calculate the residual lifespan of a structure.

Maintenance can then be accurately scheduled.

Scour monitoring

60% of the world’s structural failures occur due to floods and scour.

Early detection of scour is the best solution for avoiding sudden and unexpected structural failures.

Co-developed with IFSTTAR, our method is the only solution that provides permanent continual monitoring and early-stage detection.

Why choose our SHM solutions?

Our solutions facilitate proactive decision-making so that you can:

  • View the status of your structures in real time
  • Predict and optimize maintenance needs
  • Ensure user safety
  • Extend the operating service life of your structures