MTO Bridge Management System | Canada

Project summary

Service provided:  Development and implementation of new bridge management software
Location:  St. Catharines, Ontario - Canada
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Client:  Ministry of Transportation of Ontario
Period of the service:  2016-Present
Sixense solutions used: 

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MTO Bridge Management System


The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) is the provincial ministry responsible for managing the current and next generation of transportation infrastructure in Ontario, Canada. Some of these responsibilities include the establishment and maintenance of the provincial highway system, the policing of roads (enforced by the Ontario Provincial Police), and the registration of vehicles and licensing of drivers.


MTO Bridge Management System

Through a competitive bidding process, Sixense was selected to replace the MTO’s old Bridge Management System. This project also dealt with the configuration of a Bridge Condition Index, which used bridge condition to calculate a set of “health indices,” facilitating analytics such as repair prioritization and management.

Today, the solution facilitates scheduling, assigning, recording, and reporting on inspections. The inspections module has been set up with The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario to follow OSIM and MTO procedures, including regular and enhanced OSIM inspection, manually scheduled inspection, and MTO field review inspections for non-MTO structures.


Key Facts

The MTO version of the Beyond Asset software contains approximately 3,000 bridges, 2,000 culverts, and 1,200 retaining walls. It is used by approximately 250 users for the following modules:

  • Inventory
  • Inspection
  • Flags
  • Activities
  • GIS
  • Scheduling
  • Reporting
  • Dashboards


The MTO Bridge Management system was configured with analytic capabilities, allows for additional investigations, material condition surveys, capturing recommended work with priorities, and has robust reporting capabilities. It was developed around the element-based bridge inspection methodology (OSIM) and is a cloud-hosted solution (SAAS).

Project Key figures

270 Users
6,000 Assets