Provo Temple | USA

Project summary

Service provided:  Monitoring the underpinning structure of a existing temple
Location:  Provo, Utah - United States
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Client:  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Period of the service:  January 2014
Duration of service:  April 2014

Images of the project

Provo Tabernacle Temple


In December 2010, a fire destroyed the inside of the historic Provo Tabernacle Temple in Provo, Utah. Sixteen months after the fire, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints made the decision to rebuild the structure while maintaining the integrity of the building’s original facade. The fire destroyed the inside and the roof of the Provo Temple, but left the walls intact. Therefore, it was decided to keep the original walls and add rooms below the building.

Structural Complexities at Provo Temple

Due to the delicate nature of the 112-year-old structure, a real-time monitoring solution was required to prevent any potential damage throughout the construction process, especially the possible collapse of the building’s walls. During the construction, the temple was actually “floating” in the air, supported by a nest of steel beams like it was on stilts, to make space for the new rooms below. The strain had to be continuously monitored to evaluate the performance of this steel structure and detect any anomalies that could result in a catastrophic collapse.

Sixense’s Monitoring Installation

Sixense installed 116 automated strain gauges for real-time monitoring during the excavation works and the construction of two underground levels. They worked directly with the designer/contractor to find a cost-effective solution with the benefits of full risk and alert management. The system was very useful and prevented potential damage by giving the designed information of excessive strain and loads in the steel “nest.”

Sixense’s monitoring and risk management solutions helped to ensure the safe and successful reconstruction of a landmark for citizens of Provo. Using state-of-the-art technology, Sixense Northern America provided solutions that helped maintain the integrity of the historical temple and kept the existing structure safe by minimizing the potential risks that are caused by urban construction. Our services gave the owners, contractors, and engineers peace of mind while working on this outstanding remediation project.

Project Key figures

116 Automated Strain Gauges
12 Months of Real-Time Monitoring